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Comprehensive Geriatric ASSESSMENTS and CONSULTS

Will provide comprehensive consultations in any setting, including functional assessment, thorough medication review, cognitive and capacity evaluation and medical diagnoses and recommendations. Will also provide consults to discuss advanced directives and end-of-life wishes and necessary care coordination which requires the expertise that often only someone medically trained specifically in the aging population can provide.

Direct Senior Care Membership Specialty Practice

Whether it be your longtime home, communal residence or setting with care assistance - Dr. Tapia is the only board certified physician in Geriatrics who will consistently go to the home. In fact, that is all she does because that is most convenient and best for the persons and families she cares for. Just like many persons have a specialist for their heart ( cardiologist), often one requires the expertise of someone versed and trained specifically to navigate all that aging brings in the context of your individual goals and problems. Dr. Tapia would love to be your Geriatrician. 

Other Services

 First and foremost, whether it be a one-time visit or via the DSC membership, Dr. Tapia gives you and your loved ones time, access and attention that often the restrictions of the system don't allow for from your PCP or inpatient providers. Dr. Tapia is able to certify and order Medicare covered services (even though she herself does not deal with Medicare) and can help your PCP manage the world of home-health and required paperwork. Most importantly, Dr. Tapia gives you, the patient, access to all your own records to empower you to advocate for yourself in this complicated system.

Direct Senior Care Partners/Recommendations

Homes within the LORCH organization provide compassionate and person-focused care in a smaller environment/community setting, often ideal for person's in their later years of life. Residents of any of the LORCH homes, listed under the properties tab on the website. Dr. Tapia would love to visit you or your loved one at any one of the LORCH homes.

Area Community Hospice is a local Hospice based out of Plainview TX that serves the surrounding Plainview and Lubbock areas. Dr. Tapia has worked with many hospices over her years as a Geriatrician and after one experience with ACH for a mutual patient she knew ACH was unique. Unlike other National Hospices that also focus on Home Health Nursing and other non-hospice services, ACH is solely a Hospice. The staff and caregivers there are truly passionate about helping persons maintain dignity and quality during their most tumultuous transitions. Admittedly, after Dr. Tapia witnessed their services, she signed on as their Lubbock Medical Director.

Grace Health System

For patients who do need specialty services and referrals, diagnostic imaging or blood work who can and prefer to go out of their homes, Dr. Tapia prefers to use the Grace Health System. Grace is a well-coordinated multi-specialty system with passionate physicians and providers who communicate among the healthcare team for their patients benefit.

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