DSC & TX Specific Resources

The goal of North Texas Respecting Choices is to motivate patients to engage in conversations with their loved ones and health care providers about end-of-life care planning. It is the most comprehensive and useful site that is Texas specific for assisting with Advanced Directives, and it is free. They help patients: 1. Think about the type of treatment they would like at the end of their life. 2. Start the conversation with their loved ones. 3.Formally document their decision. It has invaluable and free links to a Planning Guide and to the Texas M.O.S.T (Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment).

This links to the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) site with links to commonly used forms in TX for naming a Medical Power of Attorney, filling out a Directive to Physicians (Advanced Directive) and the TX Out-of-Hospital-DNR form.  Dr. Tapia keeps copies of these forms with her at all times should her patients need them, however this is an easy go-to if patients or families would like to preview, think about or fill out ahead of time.

The DADS website for all of Texas (it's a huge state) can be difficult to navigate.  Dr. Tapia has extracted and summarized all the necessary information and phone numbers specific to the Lubbock Areas for her patients' (and their families) convenience. 

For any Veteran in Texas.  Vetstar helps connect Veterans and their families to essential resources.

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 General Aging Resources

This will link you to the main page for the Alzheimer's Association.  From there you can find general and local resources for support for all types of Dementia (not just Alzheimer's).

Dr. Leslie Kernisan MD is a Geriatrician who has developed, I believe, one of the most helpful and comprehensive web based resources for all things aging.  For caregivers and patients alike, this website is a must. 

Assisted Living Care.com is "a new resource for those with family or loved ones who are at a point in their life where they may need extra assistance. The web builders are dedicated to creating a comprehensive and up-to-date website on care providers (local and nationwide), their ratings, questions to ask while comparing options, best practices to look for in facilities or as a family household, and relevant news from across the country. They provide this all for free, online."

The SRA is a nonprofit that provides a quick resource for national and local services for seniors.  Dr. Tapia almost individually listed all these resources on her page for you, but frankly this is far more efficient. 

For those seniors who live Independently or even in Assisted Living Retirement Communities find Life Alerts (Medical Alerts) an essential need and comfort for ensuring if something happens (such as a fall) while alone they'll be able to get the help the need in a timely manor. The problem is, there are 100's to choose from and figuring out which one suits your needs can be daunting. Review.Com has compiled a comprehensive review of the most common Medical Alert systems.

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